Sweet Apple - The Golden Age of Glitter Vinyl LP (White)

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Side A

  1. Wish You Could Stay ( A Little Longer)
  2. Reunion
  3. Boys in Her Fanclub
  4. Let's Take the Same Plane
  5. Another Desert Skyline

Side B

  1. I Surrender
  2. Troubled Sleep
  3. We are Ruins
  4. You Made a Fool Out of Me
  5. Under the Liquor Sign

Release Date: April 8, 2014

Label: Tee Pee Records

Origin: USA

This group is like a Justice League of indie rock because each member brings some sizable resumes and talents to the table. While some people may focus solely on the fact that J. Mascis is in the band, they also must realize that John Petkovic of such infamous hard rocking indie outfits as Cobra Verde and Death Of Samantha (and don’t forget a stint in Guided By Voices) is also in here and brings a lot to their din. In addition, Dave Sweetapple has done time in Feathers and Witch, and guitarist Tim Parnin (who has done time in Cobra Verde, among other bands) brings his talents to the fore.

Put this all together and you have one hell of a sophomore record that improves on the band’s 2010 debut. It splits the difference between glammy grooves, power pop that actually pops, and the heavier side on indie rock…like you would expect anything less from these guys.

Lyrically, it is said to be about arrivals, departures, and reunions, but not just in the sense of the band — these lyrics can also be read in terms of relationships. There is a lot of depth from something that looks so simple on the surface, and in a way, that’s the beauty of this record — you can take it in many different ways.

Opener “Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)” features Petkovic trading verse with Mark Lanegan until their voices come together on the chorus. It’s an honest and emotional plea for someone to stay. “Reunion” features a crisp rock riff and tells the tale of any band that reunites after being away for too long. It could be about this band, but then Death Of Samantha reunited a few years back too. It features the first appearance of GBV’s Robert Pollard on vocals.

“Let’s Take The Same Plane” is an emotional gut wrencher that features guest vocals from Rachel Haden. “Troubled Sleep” is a heavy, fuzzed-out glam stomp that features some cool slashing guitar solos, while “We Are Ruins” goes on an extended free jazz workout to its end.

Album closer “Under The Liquor Sign” — featuring more guest vocals from Pollard — could be this band’s “Ballad Of Mott The Hoople” in that it’s a piano-driven rocker that lays out the reason for Sweet Apple’s existence, just the like the way the “Ballad Of Mott” was an autobiographical song about Ian Hunter and his guys.

Sweet Apple has succeeded where other supergroups fail by delivering one hell of a catchy rock record with plenty of lyrics to chew on if you so choose. It can be enjoyed in many different ways and on many different levels — how many times does a rock album do that? - Thomas Pizzola (Verbicide http://www.verbicidemagazine.com/2014/04/01/sweet-apple-the-golden-age-of-glitter-review/)