Various Artists - Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre Vinyl 2LP (Purple)

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Special Features: Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl. Gatefold jacket.


Side A

  1. Nuda Per Santana (Heroin in Tahiti)
  2. Palude (Lay Llamas)
  3. Gli Ultimi Cannibali (Second H. Sam)
  4. Tourist Trap (Lamusa)

Side B

  1. Magic Ecstasy (Edible Woman)
  2. Sette Note in Nero (Mai Mai Mai)
  3. Chanson de la Nuit (Jennifer Gentle)
  4. Toby Dammit (Slumberwood)

Side C

  1. The Thing (Mamuthones)
  2. Incumbo Sulla Citta' Contaminata (Gianni Giublena Rosacroce)
  3. L'aldila' (Beautiful Bunker)

Side D

  1. Sans Espoir (Cannibal Movie)
  2. L'alba Dei Morti Viventi (Father Murphy)
  3. Nuda Per Satna (Ovo)
  4. Cento Campane (Maria Celeste)

Release Date: July 22, 2015

Label: Backwards

Origin: Italy

'Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre' is a tribute to that unique Italian era of horror and giallo flicks, and especially the scores that were composed for those movies from the '60s and '70s. The contemporary revival of this music is generally labelled "Italian occult psychedelia". 'Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre' brings together the best bands in this scene, who revive some of the finest horror and giallo soundtrack music.