Black Nasa - Deuce CD

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  1. Shabadoo
  2. Colony
  3. Kamikaze
  4. Light
  5. Thanks Anyway
  6. Hut nut
  7. Boozer
  8. Talking Candles
  9. New World

Release Date: 2004

Label: Alone Records

Origin: Spain

The rare stoner rock band that doesn't sound like a bad imitation of Zuma-era Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Black NASA distill their sound on their aptly-named second album. Finding a fruitful middle ground between the pop-smarts of Queens of the Stone Age or Foo Fighters and the boogie-fried jamming of the likes of Fu Manchu, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Chris Kosnik is at his best on songs like "Colony," which marries a catchy verse melody to some open-ended guitar freakouts, as opposed to more aimless, solo-based stomps like "Hut Nut," but the album's only real misstep is a pointless one-minute iteration of Run-D.M.C.'s "You Be Illin'" that closes the record, detracting from the hard rock intensity and shout-along chorus of the album's proper closer, "New World." A few more songs like that monster and Black NASA could catapult to the top of the stoner rock class. - Stewart Mason (