Conan - Horseback Battle Hammer CD (Reissue/Bonus Tracks/Import)

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Special Features: 4 bonus tracks.


  1. Krull
  2. Satsumo
  3. Dying Giant
  4. Sea Lord
  5. Satsumo (Demo Nov 2006) (Bonus Track)
  6. Krull (Demo March 2009) (Bonus Track)
  7. SAtsumo (Demo March 2009) (Bonus Track)
  8. Battle in the Swamp (Demo March 2009) (Bonus Track)

Release Date: July 20, 2014

Label: Black Bow Records

Origin: UK

As an introduction you’d find fewer more bold opening statements than this EP and first track Krull. Instantly you are struck by the sheer massive brown magnitude of the guitar tone. It’s something you simultaneous feel as well as hear. It shakes your cochlea and makes the nerves around the entrance of your butt hole twitch. Damn, it’s good.

Listening to Horseback Battle Hammer you get the distinct impression that bassist Jon McNulty and guitarist Jon Davis could probably get away with removing all the frets from their instruments after the forth or fifth because, by Christ, it must be dusty near the body of their respective instruments. It’s always a compliment with sludge / stoner metal that if someone told you they didn’t even have a guitarist, just bassists, you’d go, “Fair enough.” And you’d be none the wiser and happy with that nugget of information.

Over the course of the four tracks you’ll find huge swathes of riffs, all of which are crushingly well written. You’ll find a variety of slow tempo’s and an occasion fast one. Fear not though, the fast tempo’s are brief but still chunky and satisfying. You’ll also find vocals that are amongst the most fitting for this type of music I’ve ever heard. They are clean, but distant and hypnotic. The lyrics eschew the typical pot references in favour of short treaties on sea-based beasties and almost everything else being dead or dying.

I suppose the thing that is most surprising about this release, writing this in 2016, is that as utter indispensable this material is, they bettered it a number of times on future releases.

Conan – a national fucking treasure! - buddhafella ( January 30, 2016)