Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket - In a Dutch Haze (Color Vinyl)

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Special Features: Recorded live at Roadburn Festival on April 14, 2012. Color vinyl.  Gatefold jacket. 


Side A

  1. Paradise in Purple Sky 1

Side B

  1. Paradise in Purple Sky 2

Side C

  1. Paradise in Purple Sky 3

Side D

  1. Paradise in Purple Sky 4

Release Date: July 8, 2014

Label: Outer Battery/Roadburn Records

Origin: USA

Behold the megajam: The jam that launched a thousand jams, and insert further hyperbole here, because this one earns it. At Roadburn 2012, the illustrious lineup of J. Mascis (WitchDinosaur Jr.) and his Heavy Blanket bandmate Graham Clise (also Witch and Lecherous Gaze) joined forces with Earthless‘ rhythm section, bassist Mike Egington and drummer Mario Rubalcalba for a one-time-only, off-the-cuff instrumental jam that has since become the stuff of legend. Yes, a legend two years later. Now dubbed “Paradise in a Purple Sky,” that hour-long one-track excursion into pure heavy psychedelic bliss is available as Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket‘s In a Dutch Haze, and the vibe is less that of a live album than a historical document. Call it lightning in a bottle, call it any other cliche you might want, but chances are In a Dutch Haze is going to be the best live release you hear this year, and if the echoing intertwining guitar solos and unhindered thudding groove — immaculately captured by Marcel van de Vondervoort — aren’t enough to stir your soul and drive you to creation, then I’ve got nothing for you. This is heavy psych at its most vibrant and righteous. - The Obelisk /9