Scream of the Butterfly - Ignition Vinyl (Orange)

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Special Features: Limited to 300 on orange vinyl.


Side A

  1. Solid Ground Shaking
  2. Turning Me Loose
  3. Missed the Brake
  4. Living Doll

Side B

  1. City of Splendours
  2. Liquor Store
  3. Evil Feelings
  4. I Can't Go Back

Release Date: November 1, 2017

Label: Burning Wax Productions

Berlin heavy rockers Scream of the Butterfly work just a tinge of grunge into the instant-sing-along two-stage hook of the new single from their upcoming debut album, Ignition. Set for issue this week via Burning Wax Productions — a new collaboration between Heavy Psych Soundsand Subsound Records — the full-length is led off by “Solid Ground Shaking,” and as you can hear/see in the video below for the track, the four-piece find a place for themselves between methods classic and modern, organ playing a central role amid creatively-drawn vocal layers, forward rhythmic drive and traditionalist swing that ensures Ignition‘s subsequent tracks are led into in such a way as to suitably evoke the record’s title. If this is Scream of the Butterfly taking flight, well, at least it sounds like it.

Apart perhaps from that grunge-era influence, it should be noted that the band has just about nothing in common with the Acid Bath song from which they take their name or that group’s general filth-covered methodology. Rather, working with producer Richard Behrens (Heat, ex-Samsara Blues Experiment), they bring a sharp and straightforward tack that, going by “Solid Ground Shaking,” asks little more of the listener than perhaps a bit of well-earned boogieing. I haven’t heard the full album yet, so it could be that Scream of the Butterfly totally prog out at some point or other, but they’re also streaming the somewhat punkier “Turning Me Loose” which you can hear at the bottom of this post, and to put it mildly, that song as well keeps its chorus front and center, boding well for the rest of Ignitionto follow. The Obelisk (