Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard CD

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Special Features: Remastered. Two bonus tracks.


  1. Stone Magnet
  2. Mourning Prayer
  3. Mountains of Mass
  4. Behemoth
  5. Devil's Bride
  6. Black Butterfly
  7. Electric Wizard
  8. Wooden Pipe
  9. Illimitable Nebulie (Bonus Track)
  10. Mourning Prayer Part 1 (Bonus Track)

Release Date: 2006

Label: Rise Above Records

Origin: England

When Electric Wizard first emerged, seemingly fully formed from the hallowed wombs of the doom metal gods (well, Dorset, England, anyway), all most listeners could do was stand in dumbfounded awe -- such was the power and magnitude with which the trio delivered its monolithic epics. Taking up the torch from doom pioneers like Saint Vitus, Sleep, and more recently Britain's own Cathedral, the eternally stoned-out trio went about setting a new standard for slothful, detuned heavy metal noisemaking; yet -- amazingly, compared to subsequent efforts -- their eponymous debut's crushing wall of sludge would soon seem almost lightweight. Most of the songs on Electric Wizard crawl along at a snail's pace, their mind-numbing riffs exploring the lowest imaginable sonic frequencies still within human range. Except for the trippy space rock guitar of "Mountains of Mars," the entire record revels in the purest, uncompromising post-Sabbath doom metal dirge, a great part of which may prove too sluggish and impenetrable for inexperienced listeners. But for knowledgeable consumers of the genre, weed-worshipping anthems like "Stone Magnet," "Devil's Bride," and the group's awesome namesake, "Electric Wizard" (which is introduced by a long, highly suspicious exhaled breath), amount to a mind-shattering experience...prepare to be enlightened. - Eduardo Riveria