Queens of the Stone Age - Over the Years and Through the Woods (Live) DVD/CD

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Special Features: Live in London 2005 CD.

DVD Tracklisting

  1. This Lullaby
  2. Go With the Flow
  3. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
  4. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
  5. Regular John
  6. Song for the Deaf
  7. Avon
  8. Little Sister
  9. You Can't Quit Me, Baby
  10. I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
  11. Monsters in a parasol
  12. The Fun Machine Took a **** and Died
  13. Mexicola
  14. Burn the Witch
  15. Covered in Punk's Blood
  16. I Think I Lost My Headache
  17. Song for the Dead
  18. I Never Came
  19. No One Knows
  20. Long Slow Goodbye
  21. The Bronze (Bonus: QOTSA Era)
  22. Mexicola (Bonus: QOTSA Era)
  23. Regular John (Bonus: QOTSA Era)
  24. How to Handle a Rope (Bonus: QOTSA Era)
  25. Better Living Through Chemistry (Bonus: Rated R Era)
  26. Auto Pilot (Bonus: Rated R Era)
  27. Quick and to the Pointless (Bonus: Rated R Era)
  28. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire (Bonus: Songs for the Deaf Era)
  29. God is in the Radio (Bonus: Songs for the Deaf Era)
  30. Song for the Dead (Bonus: Songs for the Deaf Era)
  31. Hanging Tree (Bonus: Songs for the Deaf Era)
  32. Precious and Grace (Bonus: Lullabies to Paralyze Era)
  33. Burn the Witch (Bonus: Lullabies to Paralyze Era)

CD Tracklisting:

  1. Go With the Flow
  2. Regular John
  3. Monsters in the Parasol
  4. TangledUp in Plaid
  5. Little Sister
  6. You Can't Quit Me, Babe
  7. I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
  8. Leg of Lamb
  9. I Think I Lost My Headache
  10. Mexicola
  11. Burn the Witch
  12. Song for the Dead
  13. No One Knows
  14. Long Slow Goodbye

Release Date: November 22, 2005

Label: Interscope Records

Origin: USA

Released a mere eight months after their divisive fourth album Lullabies to Paralyze, Over the Years and Through the Woods is a CD/DVD package documenting Queens of the Stone Age in concert -- and as the punning title indicates, it's not just on the 2005 tour, either, but from throughout their career. The centerpiece of the DVD, and all of the CD, is their London shows at the Brixton Academy and Kokos from the summer of 2005, but the DVD's bonus footage includes a wealth of performances shot at the time of each album's release. Which means, of course, that there's footage of QOTSA with Dave Grohl on drums for 2002's Songs for the Deaf, but that's hardly the only captivating footage here -- there's grainy audience tapes for the first album, Billy F. Gibbons playing "Burn the Witch" with the band for Lullabies, and the main feature has behind-the-scenes footage and interviews scattered throughout. It's an excellent DVD, and while the CD isn't nearly as an immersing experience -- how could it be? -- it is a lean, hard live album that thrives on its casual virtuosity. While that may not be the sort of thing that will win over new fans, this densely packed set is targeted at the hardcore fans and it more than pays back their long-standing devotion. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine (AllMusic.com)