Down - Threefold Live (Dairy of a Mad Band) 3LP Vinyl

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Special Features: 180 gram black vinyl.  Deluxe triple gatefold cover. 


  1. Losing All
  2. Lifer
  3. Lysergic Funeral Procession
  4. Rehab
  5. Temptatoins Wings
  6. Ghosts Along the Mississippi
  7. Leran From My Mistake
  8. Hail the Leaf
  9. New Orleans Is a Dying Whore
  10. Lies (I Don't Know What They Say, But...)
  11. Underneath Everything
  12. The Seed
  13. Eyes of the South
  14. Jail
  15. Stone the Crow
  16. Bury Me in Smoke

Release Date: October 29, 2010

Label: Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records

Origin: Germany 

Chronicling the metal supergroup’s first European tour in 2006, Diary of a Mad Band shows Down in all their sludgy, freshly reunited glory. Featuring performances all over Europe, the live album puts the listener right in the middle of the drunken pit as the band delivers its swampy grooves on the other side of the pond, and though it’s not the tightest set, with these guys that’s not really the point. No matter where they are, Down always manage to shape the hazy heaviness of their music into a set that’s more about feeling than technical wizardry. While the murkiness of the sound and the less than ideal mix make it clear this isn’t a proper record, the looseness of the performance and the inclusion of Phil Anselmo’s stage banter make this a set that will definitely please Down fans. - Gregory Heaney (All Music)