Atomic Rooster - Nice 'n' Greasy

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  1. All Across the Country
  2. SaveMe
  3. Voodoo in You
  4. Moods
  5. Take One Toke
  6. Can't Find a Reason
  7. Ear in the Snow
  8. Watcha Gonna Do?

Label: Akarma Records

Origin: Italy

"Nice & Greasy" is an appropriate title for this album. Not only was the familiar progressive rock sound in place, the soulful and funky vocals of Chris Farlowe continued to influence their sound as it did on "Made In England." Although their sound was getting more blues influenced it continued to progress despite the changes. It was indeed absolutely nice n' greasy, albeit maturely.

This is the fifth Atomic Rooster album I have listened to and I have experienced great pleasure doing so. What I found attention-grabbing and entrancing was listening to the various incarnations of the group with the incredible keyboard player Vincent Crane steering the Rooster ship. His Hammond B-3 organ was ever present and always influential in the final outcome of each song, with this album being no exception to that rule.

"Voodoo in You" is a shining opportunity for new guitar player Johnny Mandala to show his wares, and he really seizes the moment by giving Crane some great biting chords to wrap his spirited keyboard playing around. "Take One Toke" leads off side two in a big way. It's the best track on the album, combining the strengths of each band member effectively and mightily without any compromise. Crane was never one to negotiate his music in any way, and this final effort for this lineup gave their fans another classic Atomic Rooster LP to covet and cherish for the years to come. Personally, I think this version of the group was the best, mainly because of Chris Farlowe's vocal prowess. He added so much soul and heart to the group. What I found so remarkable is that they kept their core sound intact while going with the flow of changes smoothly, which in turn kept the old fans happy and gained new ones along the way. This music always leaves me wanting for more. Thanks to these great reissues the interest in the group has be enlivened and they have got the kind of respect and reverence that they always deserved. - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck (