Bigelf - Closer to Doom CD

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  1. Change
  2. Crazy
  3. Frustration
  4. Salvation
  5. In the Void
  6. Closer to Doom
  7. Theme One (Bonus Track)
  8. I, the Jury  (Bonus Track)
  9. Fight  (Bonus Track)
  10. Baron Saturday (Live) (Bonus Track)

Release Date: 2001

Label: Record Heaven Music

Origin: Sweden

This is one of the better prog groups in recent years....and their Beatles ,Crimson & otherwise seventies inspiration is apparent. I have to say that is by far...SO MUCH seventies without being from the seventies than you´ll ever hear!! They hail from US but the records are released from the Swedish record company :Record heaven. By the looks of these guys they ARE from the seventies..and the music is a wonderful mix of Beatles vocals style and Crimson type music..with a little sting of their own..put in some fuzz guitar and other lovely gizmo´s..there you have it!!!Listening to this wonderful record .I feel like I am back in the seventies (now for you..the younger readers this doesnt apply!) Its all here... the heavy guitars..the mellotron...the harsh vocals..the beautiful vocals the chords a la seventies..the arrangements....whoooaaaaa !!! As this is the 10 track like to mention the wonderful cover version of Pretty things´ : "Baron Saturday" from their (Pretty things) fantastic album... "S.F. Sorrow"..which by the way is a must have!!! Now back to BIG ELF.....if you (like me)love seventies prog / psych this is an absolute MUST OWN!!! There´s no waiting....go get it...NOW!!!! - Tonny Larsen (