Black Rainbows - Carmina Diabolo

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Release Date: December 9, 2016

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Origin: Italy

Heavy Psych Sounds Records has decided to re-release ‘Carmina Diabolo’ from the Italian heavy stoner/psych band Black Rainbows. They formed eleven years ago in Roma, Italy and have steadily made their way into the stoner scene with a handful of albums and EP’s. They’ve put out a number of fuzzy gems since the bands’ inception. ‘Carmina Diabolo’ is the second album from the band. This album has hooks and riffs for days!!!

Right away you can tell why Heavy Psych Sounds Records is re-releasing this kick ass album. These guys have that classic stoner feel and sound with the first song ‘Himalaya’. It has a catchy riff and lets you know, that you now have to lift off! ‘What’s In Your Head’s intro has some middle eastern spice to it. Then a Josh Homme inspired riff get’s things kicked into high gear.

‘Carmina Diabolo’ is a nice instrumental that serves to bring your heart back to a normal rhythm, before spitting you back into hyperspace with the fast paced ‘In The City’. On ‘Return To Volturn’, the riffs and drums are top notch.

This album finishes off with the song ‘Space Kingdom’. This song has a true psychedelic/stoner vibe. This song completes your inter-galactic journey. It’s a fitting end for a fantastic album. This album is a high octane ripper from start to finish.

Black Rainbows have proven themselves to be a great band with a great sound. Whether your driving dune buggies through the desert on your way to Joshua Tree, or to the center of the earth and back, this is what you want to be playing as your soundtrack. This re issue is just a prelude to the new album coming this spring called ‘Stellar Prophecy’, their fifth full-length album. We’ll be checking it out when it drops, so should you!

- Pam and Mark Schaff