Black Tar Prophet - Deafen Vinyl (Green)

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Special Features: 100 copies on translucent green vinyl.


Side One

  1. Dethroned
  2. Judgment Whore
  3. Bottom Feeder
  4. Ring of Buzzards
  5. Back on the Nod

Side Two

  1. Stoned to Death
  2. Hypomania
  3. Let the Cold Winds Blow
  4. Condemned

Release Date: 2013

Label: Domestic Genocide Records

Origin: USA

Black Tar Prophet are an instrumental Sludge/Doom band from the US. This is their second album.

This is heavy. This is slow. This is DOOM! This is good.

The band live up to their name, with Sludgy, bass-heavy riffs leading the way in a tsunami of sound designed to crush the senses and render the mind inert. Sonic sensory overload.

Destructively slow riffs meet with, (sometimes), up-tempo sections and pummelling drum rhythms to create forceful and energetic songs that soak up the raw essence of what it means to be Sludge, even when only playing for a short time; Judgement Whore  is only 1:40 in length for example, but is pure filthy Doom greatness.

Imagine a mix of Eyehategod, Bismuth, Ghold and Khanate; now remove the vocals, remove the guitars and distil the essence into, (mostly), short songs. Black Tar Prophet are here. All hail. - April 16, 2014