Domo - Domo (Color Vinyl)

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Special Features: Limited edition on transparent white vinyl.


Side A

  1. Nadi
  2. Prana
  3. Pretas

Side B

  1. Asura
  2. Eta Carinae
  3. Samsara

Release Date: December 23, 2014

Label: Phonosphera Records

Origin: Italy

This record contains some fine classic and pleasant guitar driven psychedelic art rock. Slow and hazy bluesy progression opens the album, and I got some associations from these sounds to the local Finnish bands Kingston Wall and Wasami. Also lesser aggressive tones of Peruvian La Ira De Dios could be a reference. Wildly crying guitar is strongly in the front, bass keeping the rhythm stable, and drums exploit the given space for wild rollin' and fillin'. There are some experimental sounds and rare vocals supporting the scale improvisations, which form the core the band's musical philosophy. Song "Prana" sucks the listener to a more powerfully pulsing tunnel, introducing both heavier guitar sound and more complex details in arrangements. The band settles pleasantly to linger in a quite long anticipating section, from where the flow of sound continues evolving logically and calmly without unnecessary haste. Some sorrowfully beautiful guitar licks here reminded bit the tones of Reine Fiske to my ears. Heavier hypnotic theme starts the next tune "Asura", containing some more oppressive moods and free rocking in oriental flavoured melodies. A lighter incarnation of Earthless was one association, which arose from my own listening experiences from this song. I liked especially the chanting and percussions expanding the sound palette here. Fourth songs "Pretas" opens with dreamy hollow voices and acoustic guitar mantra, having pleasant traditional melodic form. This fades as more amplified section, maybe slightly disturbingly, as it would have been interesting to hear previous motive further. Or maybe the change didn't sound logical to my ears. However after some waiting in more stagnant plane, the path leads to a heavier seuence in the end, and in my own opinion this works better. The real album highlight starts as this track morphs to "Samsara", a twenty-four minutes long psychedelic epic, leading the album to really ecstatic conclusion through hazy cycle of reincarnations of tonal surrealism. From its own part, this very recommendable album and band strengthened my growing insight, that there are very good psychedelic, stoner & space rock bands found from both Spain and Latin American countries. Bueno! Eetu Pellonpaa (