Dungen - 4 LP Vinyl (Reissue)

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Side One

  1. Satt Att Se
  2. Maleras Finest
  3. Det Tar Tid
  4. Samtidigt 1
  5. Ingenting Ar Sig Likt
  6. Fredag
  7. Finns Det Nagon Mojlighet
  8. Mina Damer Och Fasaner
  9. Samtidigt 2
  10. Bandhagen

Release Date: March 8, 2016

Label: Mexican Summer

Origin: USA

If you've followed the last three albums by Sweden's finest psych-rock purveyors, you might expect Dungen's latest to aim for the exploding the skull first, to burst forth with a roar of feedback-lacerated guitars. With the solemnity of that titular numeral 4 (invoking both Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin), "heavyosity" would seem to be Dungen's first order of business. So when opener "Sätt Att Se" instead arrives cradled by violins, sumptuous suspended piano chords and the sway of brushed drums, it's a bit alarming. Feedback edges in near the song's end, but follow-up instrumental "Maleras Finest" again opts for fluidity, lightness and interplay over sludge, heaviness and overdriven effects.

Where past Dungen albums revolved around main man Gustav Estjes and his guitar, 4 finds the band actually functioning like a band (Reine Fiske on guitar, Mattias Gustavsson on bass, drummer Johan Holmegard), one well-attuned to following Estjes 'lead. For the most part, his guitar sits on its stand as he sits at the piano bench, deftly and sinuously funneling his muse and melodies across the keys. Fear not, though: the newfound piano balladry eventually gives way to incandescent jams of "Samtidigt 1" and "Samtidigt 2," which aim to take their rightful place alongside your favorite Amon Düül II and early-Santana six-string workouts. - Andy Beta (WonderingSound.com October 1, 2008)