Earthling Society - Ascent to Godhead LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Special Features: Limited on blue vinyl. Download code.


Side A

  1. Can You Levitate?
  2. Ascent to Godhead Part 1

Side B

  1. Electric Bou Saada
  2. Ascent to Godhead Part 2

Release Date: August 4, 2017

Label: Riot Season

Origin: UK

Whereas 'Zen Bastard' was a re-imagining of songs from the back catalogue, 'Ascent To Godhead' consists of newly created material, improvised in the studio. Avoiding the suffocating clichés of the spacerock genre, Earthling Society's calamitous howl is reminiscent of the Birthday Party rather than Gong. Taking inspiration from Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Far East Family band and Tidori Takada amongst others, jazz and Eastern rhythms are at the forefront of 'Ascent To Godhead'.