Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics CD

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Special Feature: Two bonus tracks.


  1. Return Trip
  2. Wizard in Black
  3. Doom Mantia
  4. Ivixor B/Phase Inducer
  5. Son of Nothing
  6. Solarian 13
  7. Demon Lung (Bonus Track)
  8. Return to the Sun of Nothingness (Bonus Track)

'Come My Fanatics....' is Electric Wizard's sophomore album and the moment the band found their "true sound". While still proudly churning out Sabbath-inspired riffs and loose-hitting drum beats, like they did on their self-titled debut album, there is a significant change production-wise. It's dirtier, rawer and far more oppressive than before, which creates a rather unnerving atmosphere with plenty of psychedelic undertones to further increase the mindfuckery; particularly so if you're on a bad acid trip.

Musically and performance-wise, Electric Wizard were improving. The song-writing had become stronger and the tracks were now far more engaging and captivating than on 'Electric Wizard'. It becomes clear, very soon, into the massive opener "Return Trip"; a crushingly heavy tune with one of the band's finest riffs to this day. The combination of brutal heaviness, brain-frying fuzz and strangely soulful, psychedelic, bluesy leads and Jus Oborn's distorted croons, is a stoned doom metal fan's holy grail.

"Return Trip" is more or less what 'Come My Fanatics....' is built on. It's almost as if Oborn, Bagshaw and Greening had pulled the cat out of the bag too soon, as the other tracks are based on the very same foundations as the album opener. However, that's not to say that this album is an anti-climatic experience. There are super strong tracks; one being "Wizard in Black"; perhaps the most evil-sounding one on the album with its spine-chilling, reverb-soaked, demonic-sounding groans under Oborn's rather angry voice when he yells "I am a god, I am the one". "Doom-Mantia" is also a strong contender for the album's finest piece with extreme psychedelic elements thanks to the echo-y vocals.

'Come My Fanatics....' continues in a similar fashion right until the end; though, "Ivixor B / Phase Inducer" deserves an honourable mention with its eerie female vocals howling over the instruments before the music enters a full-blown drone / ambient phase that sounds like you're waking up on the cold surface of another planet and being surrounded by weird, creepy, robotic aliens performing an autopsy on your still-living self... probably.

Who the fuck knows what happened to the guys in Electric Wizard between 1995 and 1997, and who cares, as they found a way to separate themselves completely from fellow stoner/doom metal bands from that era (Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Sleep...) with 'Come My Fanatics....'; and created something far more disturbing, nihilistic and misanthropic than any bands of said genre had done before. And the best bit is, that the band would go on to create something even more fucked up and great later on, with 'Dopethrone'. But until that album was released, 'Come My Fanatics....' was standing on the peak of batshit-insane stoner/doom. - Doominance