Euroboys - 1999 Man CD EP

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  1. 1999 Man
  2. Ballad of Kirk and the Jerks
  3. Party Animal
  4. Witchbanger

Release Date: 2000

Label: Man's Ruin Records

Origin: USA

1999 Man is quite a departure from the Euroboys' previous release, Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow. While that full-length album was mostly instrumental, only one of the four tunes on this EP is an instrumental. And while Flight offered an intriguing blend of Henry Mancini-ish lounge music and '60s pop-rock, 1999 Man tends to favor a tougher and grittier approach to '60s and early '70s rock. "Part Animal" and "1999 Man," both Kinks-like rockers, are much more forceful than anything on Flight -- and although "Witchfinder" (the CD's only instrumental) has some Mancini-ish appeal, it's harder and more distorted than any of Flight's instrumentals. The disc's most subdued offering is the moody, psychedelic-influenced "Ballad of Kirk and the Jerks." But most of the time, 1999 Man isn't subdued -- instead, it's a rockin' effort that no one was expecting after Flight. - Alex Henderson (