Euroboys - Long Day's Flight "Till Tomorrow CD

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  1. Deliverance
  2. Filadelfia
  3. Down the Road of Golden Dust
  4. Transatlantic Phonecall
  5. Gallery Oslo
  6. Sex Kabin
  7. Invisible Horse
  8. Electric Dandruff
  9. Rock "N" Roll Farmacia
  10. In Farfizium
  11. 99 Degree
  12. Black Fez
  13. Ambulance Cruiser
  14. Gibraltar

Release Date: 1999

Label: Man's Ruin Records

Origin: USA

In 1999, Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow was the last thing one expected from Man's Ruin, a label that is known for stoner rock, alternative metal, hardcore punk, and other forms of in-your-face rock. If a CD is on Man's Ruin, chances are that the artist rocks aggressively and isn't the least bit shy about getting in your face. But Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow is an exception -- a major exception. On this intriguing, if uneven, effort, the Euroboys offer an unorthodox mixture of '60s pop/rock and Henry Mancini-influenced lounge music. The Norwegian group (which recorded the album in Oslo) worships all things '60s, and that includes Mancini's instrumental lounge music as well as the decade's AM-friendly pop/rock -- this mostly instrumental release gives the impression that the Euroboys have spent a lot of time listening to everyone from the Rascals and the Lovin' Spoonful to the Ventures to the Doors. The Euroboys' use of the Farfisa organ makes Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow sound dated, which is exactly what the group was going for. Not perfect, but certainly interesting, this is a CD that anyone with a fondness for '60s pop culture should be aware of. - Alex Henderson (