Finchley Boys - Lost Tributes (Blue Vinyl)

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Special Features: Limited to 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl.  8 page booklet.


Side A

  1. Outcast
  2. Suffering Servant
  3. On a Better Day
  4. Who Goes There?

Side B

  1. Hooked
  2. Hell Fire & Brimstone
  3. Jack Rabbit Jump
  4. Sweathog Blues

Release Date: December 20, 2017

Label: Anazitisi

Origin: Greece

One of the best hidden treasures of the greek 70's rock, has been unearthed. Gordian, is a kind of super group consisted of musicians who had been participated in historical greek bands like Peloma Bokiou, Bourboulia, Olympians, Up Tight, BMW, Makedonomachoi etc. Finally, a full album's worth material is coming out. All recordings were made in London back in late 1973 and early 1974. The story begins in 1972, when guitarist/pianist George Skliris (ex-Up Tight, Renaldi) goes to London and joins Saga, an Osibisa offshoot. He stays with them till the spring of 1973, when they split up. Some months later, Vlassis Bonatsos (ex-Peloma Bokiou) and Pantelis Deligiannides (ex-Olympians and Bourboulia) arrive in London and Gordian's birth is a fact. With the addition of two more greek musicians, Makis Giaprakas (ex-BMW, Blow Up, Makedonomachoi) and Kostas Skliris (ex-Peloma Bokiou, Mike Rozakis) Gordian enter into an English studio and record 3 heavy progressive tracks with lots of Balkan and Greek traditional elements (like the works of Dionyssis Savvopoulos with Bourboulia and Socrates Drank The Conium and Axis). A bit later, Bonatsos has to leave both the band and London, and with the coming of the British singer Alan Kay and the greek drummer, George Barbas, in the first days of 1974 Gordian put on a tape 6 more heavy-prog tracks. Today, 40 plus years after those legendary recording-sessions took place, ANAZITISI Records presents "Madeka" in its full glory directly from the "buried" master-tapes