Fvzz Popvli - Fvzz Dei (Color Vinyl - CD)

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Special Features/Formats:

  • Green, red, and black splatter on clear vinyl (Limited Edition)
  • Black vinyl
  • CD



Side A

  1. Intro
  2. Stamps Are for... Smile
  3. Mastvrbation
  4. Lost in Time

Side B

  1. Hashish
  2. White Fish
  3. LPG
  4. Shamother


Release Date: September 21, 2017

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Origin: Italy

Roman power trio Fvzz Popvli celebrate fuzz their own way on a debut full-length that will likely leave many scratching their heads.

Fvzz Dei begins with “Intro,” a sprawling near-seven-minute instrumental spacerock jam conjuring the likes of Hawkwind and Desert Mountain Tribe, indicating a clear direction before taking a left turn at the interstellar garage. Aside from “Hashish,” another heady exploration, the majority of the songs sound like Helios Creed’s AmRep albums thrown into a black hole with MudhoneyHalo of Flies and Greece’s Bazooka, making a twisted extra-terrestrial monolith of fuzz to the earthly pleasures of “Masturbation,” “White Fish” and stamps. All the elements join forces in the closing “Shamother,” an awesome Farflung-like psychedelic epic clocking in at almost eleven minutes. It’s a unique take on a genre that’s too rife with bland imitators.

Got the stoner rock blues? Let Fvzz Popvli fuzz them away.

- Chuck Foster