Heavy Water Experiments - Philosopher Queen CD

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  1. Prelude
  2. Philosopher Queen
  3. Downward Spiral Stairways
  4. Black Glass Chateaux
  5. Wan Concubine
  6. Afterlives
  7. Course of Empire
  8. Corbis and Cordelia
  9. I Almost Exist
  10. Requiem for Sunlight

Release Date: August 2012

Label: Stone Stallion Rex/Funeral Industries

Origin: Germany

I’ve had this LP for a while (sorry HQ), but I have valid reasons, I didn’t know what to make of it truth be told, in fact I still can’t decide even whether I like it or not after having it for over a few months or so!!! Take ‘Philosopher Queen’ the title track for example it reminded me of a stoner version of Jethro Tull, but as if by direct contrast if you drift into ‘Downward Spiral Stairways’ you get a very definite Bauhaus art rock vibe.

See what I mean Bauhaus and Jethro Tull in the same paragraph?? Wow!

Then as ‘Black Glass Chateaux’ kicks in my first thought is Monster Magnet, yet there are also some really ethereal female vocals courtesy of Kathryn Trautner that wind their way through  David Melbye’s soundscapes along with his own sub Ian Anderson pitch, giving the music an other-worldly effect (remember the female vocal pitch that introduced the original Star Trek series? Yup you got it!!) Or if you want to pitch at a more recognisable band try This Mortal Coil.  

‘Philosopher Queen’ is an LP that needs to be listened to all the way through, and being honest, a lot more than once, so you begin to get the feel of the music.  It’s got its own groove, it’s at times psychedelic, stoner, and dare I say it even a bit p**g, but what do I know? It’s dense, well produced, with lots of layers.

P**g it is then, albeit of the heavy variety. - Nev Brooks (UberRock.co.UK August 5, 2013)