Karma to Burn - Wild Wonderful Purgatory CD

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Release Date: 2011

Label: Tee Pee Records

Origin: USA

I saw these dudes and thought, initially, it was odd they didn't have a singer. I quickly realized they didn't need it. They really excel in melody, musicianship, and kicking rhythms. BTW. this is GREAT car driving music! The music doesn't get old or out of date. They have a good stoner rock sound similar to Kyuss, but more heavy and deep, like a mix of Zeppelin, Hendrix, or Primus (- minus the vocals, of course). It's really great music for three guys. 

The drummer is a total pro as the drum track is totally amazing and fills out the songs perfectly. The bassist works very hard as well to carry melody and harmony for the guitarist, which is so well done I often lose track of which is which. And the guitarist is just as cool as you can imagine with kick-butt riffs that simply rock. No over the top BS with this band, they just play hard rock music like you want it. This is one of the best instrumental albums I have ever bought, and I first saw these guys live. They were just as good live as on album, so I highly recommend the album! - Mandanguero (https://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Karma_to_Burn/Wild_Wonderful_Purgatory/570306/)