Lightsabres - Beheaded LP Vinyl (Yellow)

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Special Features: 180 gram mustard yellow colored vinyl. Limited to 250.


Side One

  1. Beheade
  2. Dirty Lies
  3. Flesh and Bone
  4. Wolves
  5. Fleeting Shadows

Side Two

  1. Sleep It Off
  2. Rat Poison
  3. Receptor
  4. Knife
  5. Kingdom Come
One-man Swedish Punk/Stoner Rock band – Lightsabres is back with his new album – Beheaded – and it's 22 minutes of Fuzz-Laiden Punk/Stoner Rock attitude that has a very gritty attitude towards life with a dark cynical edge compared to his previous albums.
Opening track – Beheaded – is almost 4 minutes of angry fuzz given a punk-rock makeover with a certain Truckfighters style Fuzz/Stoner Rock vibe. The vocals are pissed off as hell as Lightsabres plays to his strengths and unleashes some powerful riffs for you to devour.
Second track – Dirty Lies – carries on a more darker and twisted path than the opening song as the album becomes more bleaker with the music going slightly more psychedelic as Lightsabres lays down impressive dark-rock almost Gothic riffs as this one-man virtuoso lays his soul for everyone to see. Impressive stuff indeed. It only lasts for 90 seconds or so but this is one of the albums stand out tracks.
Third track – Flesh And Bone – goes down a QOTSA route with the fuzz laid one very thick as the music feels it's being played at 100mph. The vocals do have a certain early-QOTSA Josh Homme sensibility to them but this is Lightsabres show and he's not going to take any shit from any of us. The nightmarish based fuzz/stoner rock licks are the main attraction here and Lightsabres isn't going to let you forget that.
Fourth Track – Wolves – is a more hard rocking affair with the vibe primarily in the Stoner Rock mood and ready to play a ton of action packed riffs. The vocals have a more direct approach and the music may have a slight tendency to venture into almost Computer Game territory. You'll understand when you hear the song though it's still an absolute blast to listen to as Lightsabres brings in a great sideline of Psychedelic Rock.
Fifth Track – Fleeting Shadows - carries on the vibe from Wolves. It feels Fleeting Wolves and Shadows are the same song but split into two parts as I didn't realised that Wolves ended and Fleeting Shadows had ended. It ends the first half of the album leaving you hungry for more. And it's a great job that Lightsabres has 5 other tracks to impress you with. I'm not going to a song by song review of side B.
Though let me tell you the 2nd half of the album is exciting as the first as Lightsabres creates more stunning and dangerous Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffs with traces of Grunge and Punk Rock giving this album a more darker tone. Especially on tracks such as Sleep It Off, Receptor, and Kingdom Come. The production is fantastic through out the album. It's just a shame this album is only on for 22 mins as you start to get to grips with the crazy environment behind you and it FUCKING ENDS!!!
I just wish Lightsabres included a few more songs on this album as it would have been an even better album. Well you can't have anything. Maybe on the next Lightsabres record. Until then – Beheaded is a full-throttle, kick-ass Stoner Rock record packed full of great tunes to rattle your anger to. Awesome and Highly Recommended.
If you want to buy this on Vinyl you better be quick as it's getting the full STB Records treatment and those fuckers sell out fast. Details of the vinyl details are listed below. - Steve Howe ( June 23, 2015)