Litmus - Aurora Vinyl 2LP (Import)

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Special Features: Side D is etched.


Side A

  1. Beyond the Sun
  2. In the Burning Light

Side B

  1. Eos
  2. Miles Away
  3. Stars
  4. Kings of Infinite Space

Side C

  1. Ma:55°N Rift
  2. Red Skies

Release Date: August 17, 2009

Label: Rise Above Records

Origin: UK

Muscular English space rock outfit Litmus' third full-length offering expands on the Hawkwind-meets-My Bloody Valentine template set by 2007's excellent Planetfall. More streamlined and compact than its predecessor, Aurora features eight tracks relentlessly stacked with thick slabs of guitar and Mellotron that relegate the vocals to second seed, resulting in a syrupy mix of punk rock brutality and shoegaze melody. The band's penchant for dressing up each tune in a power pop dinner jacket with a heavy metal overcoat is an effective one, allowing the hooks to sink in ("Beyond the Sun," "Ma:55°N Rift," and "Red Skies" are all over ten minutes long) early enough to sustain the entire track. If Aurora suffers from anything, it's the dependence on the ubiquitous laser sweep (a grand but limited effect), which is used as punctuation with the subtlety of a carnival barker. Hard-hitting 21st century space rock may not be as fashionable as its myriad siblings progressive, stoner, ambient, and doom metal, but Litmus make a strong argument for its ascension.  - James Christopher Monger (