Matushka - II LP Vinyl (Color)

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Special Features: Limited to 100 copies on color vinyl.


Side A

  1. The Acid Curls' Dance
  2. As Bartenders and Bouncers Dance
  3. Meditation

Side B

  1. Drezina

Release Date: 2015

Label: 69 Watt

Origin: Greece

Matushka hails from St. Petersburg, Russia and have been around for a few years now. In the band are Timophey Goryashin (guitar, effects, percussion), Konstantin Kotov (drums, effects, percussion) and Maxim Zhuravlev (bass).

II is their latest album and is an excellent instrumental foray into stoner and psychedelic space rock with a definite Hawkwind influence. The sound is dense, heavy and trippy laced with cool effects and excellent musicianship from all three players. The guitar is at the forefront often forming an opaque layer of sound with thick riffs often drenched with a deep fuzz although there are times when the sound is cleaner and crisp. The first three tunes, all over five minutes, are similar in scope with spacey electronics and psychedelic riffs and interesting guitar textures. The first track "The Acid Curls' Dance" has a great groove as does the throbbing "As Bartenders And Bouncers Dance", a song that drips with a heavy spaciness and mind numbing guitar riffage. The last track "Drezina" is a twenty minute romp through the cosmos as the guitars shimmer and shift through intense walls of sound and repeating chord progressions. The last three minutes has the band at its trippiest with a collage of spaced out effects and deep rumbling guitar tones.

If heavy stoner/psychedelic space rock is your thing, Matushka should be right up your alley. - Jon Neudorf (