Monsternaut - Enter the Storm

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Side A

  1. Winter
  2. Landslide
  3. Anthem
  4. One of the Rodents
  5. Filled With Vain
  6. Back to the Universe

Side B

  1. Black Breath
  2. Midnight
  3. Devil's Inn
  4. Changing Shape
  5. Enter the Storm
  6. Swallowed By the Earth


Release Date: April 27, 2018

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Origin: Italy

Monsternaut's new album Enter The Storm is a Desert Rock/Stoner Metal offering that bridges the gap between the classic sounds of Truckfighters and Kyuss but with their own dynamic flair. Enter The Storm has a deeply rich progressive sound that allows Monsternaut to create music on their own terms. The Psychedelic Desert Rock vibes gives way to a more vibrant modern Stoner Metal sound with the vocals adding real grit to the overall tone of the album.
Opening track - Winter - is a heavy Desert Rock affair with the band creating a delicate fast-paced atmosphere with the heavy guitars influenced by the early sound of Truckfighters. Though Monsternaut are in control of their own destiny and you can tell this early on that this album is going to be one wild ride. The album moves at such a breakneck speed that Monsternaut have a slight Punk Rock influence running throughout out the album
Second track - Landside - has a more rebellious approach with the vocals and lyrics offering a heavier ride compared to the first song. Monsternaut do like adding Psychedelic Sounds and delicious amounts of heavy fuzz. Enter The Storm is one of those rare albums that has a beginning, a middle and an end with the band writing an exciting narrative to match the great music on show.
Songs such as Anthem, One Of The Rodents, Filled With Vain, Black Breath, Enter The Storm and Swallowed By The Earth are perhaps the best songs on the whole album with Monsternaut gradually playing heavier sounds and hard-edged vocals to match. The music is first rate on Enter The Storm as Monsternaut hardly put a foot wrong. The album moves effortlessly from the different genres contained within the twelve songs held on the album. Maybe some people think that's a bit excessive for a Stoner Rock/Metal album such as this. I would say just sit back and enjoy the wild ride that Monsternaut have created here.
The production is handled superbly well with the album sounding very dynamic from the start. Enter The Storm offers the perfect balance between nineties sounding Desert/Stoner Rock hazy psychedelic vibes with the perfect amount of FUZZ being added for good measure. Though that doesn't stop Monsternaut changing the albums sound to a heavier and distorted style of Hard Rock/Stoner Metal when the mood calls for it.
- Steve Howe