Mudhoney - My Brother the Cow LP Vinyl

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Special Features: 180 gram vinyl. Bonus 7 inch.


  1. Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme
  2. Generation Spokesmodel
  3. What Moves the Heart?
  4. Today, Is a Good Day
  5. Into Yer Shtik
  6. In My Finest Suit
  7. F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)
  8. Orange Ball-Peen Hammer
  9. Crankcase Blues
  10. Execution Style
  11. Dissolve
  12. 1995

Release Date: August 11, 2014

Label: Music on Vinyl

Origin: The Netherlands

Screw happy music! Here, they sound really bitter about something! Kurt's suicide? Their own lack of success? The loss of a local underground scene? All of the above? Whatever it is, it has resulted in some of the most "serious" rock music these thugs have offered up... umm... ever! The melodies are a bit too ugly to be called "catchy," but they still work, especially with lyrics as sarcastic as those of "Generation Spokesmodel" and "Into Yer Shtik." And finally, Mark Arm's voice actually sounds appropriate for his subject matter!!! Even though it starts to get a little weaker near the end, I definitely give the Honeys credit for trying something new, and for finally admitting that all is not peachy happy keen in the wild world of underappreciated rock and roll. They're singing about disgruntlement! You know, like The Stooges!!!! It's 1995, okay? - Mark Prindle


Reader Comments (The Levinsky's)
Hi,where Mudhoney,and were pissed.That could of been a better name for this album.The band has never sounded darker,tighter,or more pissed off then this."Judgment,Rage,Repitation,and Thyme",and "Generation Spokes Model" rock as hard as anything theyve ever done."What Moves The Heart",and "Today Was A Good Day" show them going to there limits on there musical talents. 10 out of 10
Hmmmm....I don't know. My Brother the Cow didn't come off as bitter to me. It's perhaps more serious than previous works. My favorite is probably "In My Finest Suit." Really beautiful song, but I also sensed that omnipresent Mudhoney sarcasm that is inherent to a lot of their music alive and well in this album. You said earlier Mark Arm's vocals sound like he's making fun of you the whole time. I think that's because he is.