Nick Oliveri - N.O. Hits at All Vol. 4

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Special Features/Formats:

  • Translucent blue vinyl (Limited Edition)
  • CD



Side A

  1. Walk On
  2. Identify, Isolate, Manipulate
  3. Endless Vacation
  4. Hanging Low

Side B

  1. Fuck You and Get High
  2. Super Hero
  3. Dont Believe
  4. Susy is a Headbanger


Release Date: February 23, 2018

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Origin: Italy

Hardcore troubadour Nick Oliveri hits back with the release of Volume 4 of a string of albums titled No Hits At All after the first three volumes were released in a short space of time during 2017. Each album comprises of a compilation of tracks recorded with artists that Oliveri has provided vocals for either as a member of the band or as a guest. Better known as the original bassist for Queens of the Stone Age, one thing’s for sure – this album wasn’t going to be tame.  With a colourful past, Oliveri certainly knows how to create sounds that’ll make your hackles quiver.

With a generous 8 tracks on the album, including covers ‘Endless Vacation’ and ‘Susy is a Headbanger’ by the Ramones, each of them are pretty short and sweet. Take ‘Fuck You Up and Get High’; a track that’s only 35 seconds long and does exactly what it says on the tin – a mash of fast paced thrashing guitar riffs doubled up by Oliveri’s hollering promises.

Yet other tracks such as ‘Walk On’ have an 80’s punk kind of influence with guitar riffs and identical basslines topped off with roaring vocals.  But anyone who is familiar with Oliveri’s time with QOTSA will know that the vocals he provided in ‘You think I ain’t worth a dollar but I feel like a Millionaire’ and ‘Tension Head” are undoubtedly going to feature on these albums. There’s no other way you’d want to hear them. The rest of the album is full of lashings of gutsy guitars, heavy basslines and thundering voices – just what you’d expect from Oliveri.  ‘Super Hero’ on the other hand wasn’t expected; actual vocals on a somewhat submissive track about a girl being his Super Hero that echoed the sound of The Clash.

Not surprisingly, there had to be a track on the album that was dissimilar to that of QOTSA. With arduous fuzz guitar and driving bass, ‘Hanging Low’ slotted well into the mix giving the listener a taste of some sexy and intense guitar solos. The longest track and irrefutably topped the album.

Although in its fourth volume, Oliveri proves that he’s not backing down in the industry with volume 5 being released later on in the year.  It seems that there really is plenty more where that came from and it sure ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

For any punk metalheads out there with a short attention span, this album is a must.

- Emma Painter