Psychedelic Witchcraft - The Vision LP Vinyl (Purple/Import)

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Special Features: Transparent purple. Gatefold cover. Second repress.


Side A

  1. A.Creature
  2. Witches Arise
  3. Demon Liar
  4. Wicked Ways

Side B

  1. The Night
  2. Different
  3. The only One That Knows
  4. War
  5. Magic Hour Blues

Release Date: December 2, 2016

Label: Soulseller Records

The progression for Psychedelic Witchcraft, fronted by no-frills singer, Virginia Monti, has been a proverbial whirlwind, being that they came together early on in 2015, and now they've already produced two rock solid releases. There's something that's exceptional about the entire sonic character that Psychedelic Witchcraft has.


It doesn't take long to see where Psychedelic Witchcraft's music is coming from. There's an elusive subtlety to their comprehensive sound that's clearly evident from the jump, with the album's opener, "A Creature." While the track itself doesn't sum up the entire scope of their sound in that first fell swoop, it opens a door that reveals a bloody brilliant potential for a high dosed psychedelic rock darkness experience. Once the series of exceptional sonic moments begins, each track demonstrates this young band's ability to really deliver the goods.


There's no doubt that Psychedelic Witchcraft is gonna have to live with genre labels like 'stoner' and/or doom. They've actually begun to take a musical shape that's heavily rooted in a classic blues rock & roll. Elements of acid and garage are ever-present, and it's delivered in a way that projects a thin veil of sonic caliginosity and dusk, which is largely provided by the cradle of the occult that they fully embrace. This comprehensive formula is a key point of 'The Vision's overall sound and Psychedelic Witchcraft's individualistic musical identity, at large.


Lead singer Virginia Monti's vocals, like the band's sound, has a no-nonsense quality, as she's developed an intelligent and individual system of phrasing and general delivery. Comparisons to Purson's Rosalie Cunningham will probably be inevitable. And actually, the two bands on a shared bill would be both quite appropriate and a great show. Where many other such bands that are also particularly appealing, even existic within similar musical parameters, Psychedelic Witchcraft manage to create and maintain a stripped rawness that's devoid of slick refinement, which is why 'The Vision' sounds so genuine and authentic in its presence. It's likely not that they, as musicians, have any great aversions to any kind of polished production techniques and crisp finishes. But it's also likely that they, as artists, might have certain aversions to something other than the way their music truly sounds to them in its most natural state. That's certainly gonna help set Psychedelic Witch apart from most other such bands, which is fucking great, and a big part of what makes them a great fucking band, worth looking forward to. Along with the music itself, of course. - Joey Cutler (Statik Noize)