Spelljammer - Vol. II Vinyl LP (Orange)

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Special Features: Transparent orange vinyl.


Side A

  1. Aun's Mountain
  2. Electric Ground

Side B

  1. Space Reefer

Release Date: 2015

Label: Easy Riding Records

Origin: USA

Sweden goes hand-in-hand with Doom Metal just like Greece does with olive oil: both countries are famous for these 'products' and I know that you’re thinking “we knew that”. Well, the thing that you may not know is that a newborn star has risen and already shines, sometimes so dimmed and others so lightful, named SPELLJAMMER, hailing from Stockholm (what’s the thing with the water over there? Cause it must be something). After a short research about the origin of the SPELLJAMMER name, I found that Spelljammer is a campaign setting for the advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd edition) role-playing game, which features a fantasy outer space environment. Cool huh? In this case, SPELLJAMMER is a Doom quartet, formed in 2007 with one release in the form of the EP “Inches From The Sun” (2010) that surely opened the Metal appetite for more. Of course I didn’t expect a second EP release two years later, but I guess we have to deal with what the Swedes have to offer in “Vol. II”, their second EP, and to tell you the truth, the EP’s title reminds me a bit SABS “Vol. 4” (regarding the title). But rest assured; things are even more serious inside.

“Vol. II” contains three tracks, full of slow, hard hitting riffs, massive grooves and killer vocals that may bring you in mind THE GATES OF SLUMBER’s Karl Simon. Yep, they’re that good! You see, “Aun’s Mountain” throws in your face the psyched despair the way that bands like SLEEP, ZOROASTERand ACID KING do, and it already looks like we have another winner from the beautiful Sweden. The following “Electric Ground” follows an almost ELECTRIC WIZARD path, carrying the most Heavy low-tuned riff you’ve heard lately, while the closing “Space Reefer” has a more Stoner groove in the guitars, even though it could be characterized as the faster edition of “Aun’s Mountain” and it definitely is gonna make you love these guys. So have your eyes and ears wide open and enjoy it in the right proportions, ‘cause this stuff can be considered as a hallucinogen.

SPELLJAMMER managed to surprise the Heavy Doom community once more, creating a mini album way different from their debut but at the same music quality. “Vol. II” can be served in a short glass with only one ice cube to maintain the temperature in the perfect level and a slice of pineapple on top, being ideal for the summer days that are ahead. Enjoy! - Maria Voutiriadou (Metal Kaoz https://www.metalkaoz.com/album-reviews/5464-spelljammer-vol-ii.html)