Timemazine - Volume 8 (Zine/CD/7")

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Special Features: Includes a compilation CD and a Manticore's Breath 7".

CD Tracklisting:

  1. August Mademoiselle (Children of the Mushroom)
  2. 7 & 7 Is (The Standells)
  3. Doctor John (Mind Garage)
  4. Blue Jay (The Roaring 420s) (Unreleased Track)
  5. Busy Man (Nirvana) (Demo 1968)
  6. No Earth Can Be Won (Peter Sando)
  7. Suzie's Gone (Afterglow)
  8. By the Grace of Love (Lamp of the Universe)
  9. Hew a Dream in the Twilight (Will-O-The Wisp)
  10. Whispers in the Night (The Dead End Alley Band)
  11. Wake Up (Grass) (Unreleased)
  12. Que (Mind Garage)
  13. Tell Me If You Can (Primevil)
  14. These Woods of Stone (The Roaring 420s) (Unreleased)
  15. Mend This Heart of Mine (Afterglow)
  16. Isolation (The Electric Stars)
  17. Man on the Moon (The Pancakes)

Manticore's Breath 7" Tracklisting:

  1. The Ancient Words
  2. Metamorphosis

The psychedelic fanzine about the 60s and beyond. 96 pages, A4 size, full of psych, all in English. Contents: Exclusive interviews: PATRICK CAMPBELL-LYONS (Nirvana), LARRY TAMBLYN (The Standells), JERRY McMILLEN (Children Of The Mushroom), LARRY McCLURG & 4 OTHER ORIGINAL MEMBERS (Mind Garage), 4 ORIGINAL MEMBERS (Glass Menagerie), LARRY ALEXANDER (Afterglow), JAY WILFONG (Primevil), MOE WHITTEMORE (700West Records), CRAIG WILLIAMSON (Lamp Of The Universe), RAINER NEEFF (Pancakes), FLORIAN HOHMANN (The Roaring 420s), TAKIS BARBAGALAS (Will-o-The Wisp/Manticore's Breath) (Greek artist of the issue). Also: The Sixties Mind of Peter Sando (Gandalf), Meet The Band (The Dead-End Alley Band), Ultimate 60s Time Songs and tons of LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. Also comes with the usual CD compilation which features among others: Nirvana, Mind Garage, Peter Sando, Grass, Afterglow, The Standells, Lamp Of The Universe, The Pancakes, The Roaring 420s, Primevil, The Dead-End Alley Band, Will-o-The Wisp etc.