Uncle Acid & The Deadbeasts - Blood Lust LP Vinyl (Import)

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  1. I'll Cut You Down
  2. Death's Door
  3. Over and Over Again
  4. Curse in the Trees
  5. I'm Here to Kill You
  6. 13 Candles
  7. Ritual Knife
  8. Withered Hand of Evil

Release Date: 2011

Label: Rise Above Records

Origin: USA

You ever have a group of friends hotbox your room while you’re sleeping? You wake up in a cloud of pot smoke and it’s like, you’re already groggy from waking up, but you’re confused about the smoke and probably also kinda high. This album sounds like how that feels.

You know…probably.

“Blood Lust” does schlocky-fuzz-drenched-‘70s-Sabbath-worship metal better than most bands. And I’m counting Electric Wizard. Is there a god of drugs? I don’t care, imagine there is, and then imagine that he went out of his way to possess the lead singer of this band. The vocals are a possessed guy spitting out some drug god’s gospel. It’s hypnotic. The lyrics are specific enough to glean some meaning out of them, but vague enough that there’s an air of mystery there.

I gotta tell you, I really dig the swing beats, by the way. It just feels so right. The bands that Uncle Acid was influenced by were obviously bluesy old hard rock and doom metal bands from back in the day, and the swing beats really do those influences justice. I like the drums. Slow and plodding like the rest of the music, but with little hints of deftness here and there in the cymbal department.

The production is right where I like it for this kind of music. I do not want it all crystal clear and modern. For stoner/doom metal I want something that sounds like a vinyl that’s starting to wear out. Just the right level of roughness and fuzz that you know exactly what the band is going for sound-wise, but not so under-produced that it sounds like you’re listening to the album through a tin can.

Let’s talk about riffs, kids! This album has got the riffs. Fat, fuzzy, groovy-ass riffs that send you flying through space on a power chord to the beginning of time to watch the Drug God nut the universe into existence, but wait a second! YOU’RE the Drug God! Whaaaat?? I don’t know, that one kinda got away from me, but I’m gonna roll with it because it feels like the right description.

I did my best not to use the word “psychedelic” in this review. You guys proud of me? - Big_Robot_Monster (Metal-Archives.com April 4, 2016)