Vibravoid - Psychedelic Blueprints (An introspection of the Years 2000-2013) CD

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  1. Eruptions of the Green Sun
  2. Playing with Beuys
  3. Seefeel
  4. Get Out of Here
  5. What You Want
  6. Doris Delay
  7. Random Generated Future
  8. The Politics of Ecstasy
  9. Gravitation Zero
  10. Save My Soul
  11. The Empty Sky
  12. Lovely Lady Deb O 'Nair
  13. Void Vibration

Release Date: August 12, 2016

Label: Stoned Karma Records

Origin:  Germany

Of all the musical hubs on the planet, Germany has produced some of the most interesting and challenging music of our times.  Rather than dominating popular music charts, German music tends to favour the underground, the Avant Gard and the alternative.  In the early 70’s, ‘Krautrock’ was a term devised in the UK, as a way of pigeonholing anything that was remotely experimental or electronic or psychedelic coming out of Germany.

Whilst a lot of bands and artists who somehow fell into this category denounced the term and refused to be typecast, there is no denying the quality of improvised rock music produced by German bands over the years.

One such band is acid rock kings, Vibravoid. Hailing from Dusseldorf and drenched in the summer of love, Vibravoid wear their influences proudly, giving nods to all eras of psychedelic freakiness!   

Two awesome Vibravoid compilations have recently been released.  A 13 track introspective sampler entitled “Psychedelic Blueprints” and a beautifully packaged, limited edition box set of full concert recordings, “Loudness for the Masses”.

Released by Stoned Karma Records, Psychedelic Blueprints covers ground from 2000 through to 2013, handpicking key tracks from all 7 of their official studio releases.  As previously mentioned, Vibravoid embrace all forms of psychedelic music.  

At times they can sound like mid 60’s psych garage rockers 13th Floor Elevators or The Seeds.  Other tracks give a huge nod to early Pink Floyd and more directly, Hawkwind.  And even further, can draw from the neo-psychedelic, paisley sounds of The Flaming Lips or early Church through to the metronomic groove of San Fran’s Wooden Shjips.  Lava lamps and patchouli abound!  

All tracks have been remastered and remixed and sound terrific.  This is a nice intro to those unfamiliar with Vibravoid.  Key tracks include Playing With Beuys; What You Want; The Politics Of Ecstasy; Gravitation Zero and Void Vibration. - Scott (Thirty Summers June 17, 2016)