Vox Low - Vox Low Vinyl

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Side A

  1. Now, We're Ready to Spend
  2. You Are a Slave
  3. Rides Alone
  4. Something is Wrong
  5. We Can't Be Blamed

Side B

  1. Some Words of Faith
  2. What If the Symbols Fall Down?
  3. Trapped on the Moon
  4. It's Rejuvenation

Release Date: February 2, 2018

Label: Born Bad Records

Origin: France

Vox Low is one of the few bands able to stylishly surf between '60s rockabilly influences, cold, minimal techno from around Cologne or Berlin's Zoologischer Garten Station and Sauerkraut Morricone-rock atmospheres mixed with hypnotic and druggy krautrock. They deliver a record nobody expected anymore, one that captures the spirit of the world in motion, for the attention of a crowd of social rejects who have one knee in the gutter but refuse to surrender to the prevailing cynicism. A dark, poisonous, nihilist and erudite piece of work for those who worship Primal Scream's 'Screamadelica' and Gary Numan, who stand in line at the Berghain with their pockets empty but their heads full of ideals.