Will Z. - Dark Tales of Will Z. Vinyl (Clear/White)

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Special Features: Limited to 200 copies on white/clear vinyl.


Side A

  1. Total Darkness
  2. Satan Girl
  3. The Eye of Destiny
  4. Venenum Versus Viam
  5. Spider Blues
  6. 171 BPM
  7. My Dark Side

Side B

  1. I'm Not Me
  2. Captain Blizzard
  3. Ego Ritual
  4. Pure Beauty
  5. Trouble Me

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Label: Headspin Records

Origin: Netherlands

Take my hand and let’s navigate over to the dark side. This dark realm is the creation of Will Z. Does that name sound familiar to you? Well it should. Will Z was one of the members from Cosmic Trip Machine, a progressive space rock band from Belgium that was widely heralded. ANd now Will Z is at it again with a solo project–a new album appropriately titled Dark Tales Of Will Z. It shares plenty of similarities with Cosmic Trip Machine, sounding like something reborn from the 60’s and 70’s and is heavy on psychedelic atmosphere. However, his latest album is no replicate of previous works.

Dark Tales of Will Z is exactly that–an evil quest that seems frightening at first, but before long, I begin to feel comforted by it. Some of Will’s previous works are heavier on folk and electronic music, but I think most of our readers will be pleased by the heavy approach to rock taken on the new album. You can expect everything from stoner-fuzz to lots of atmosphere dripping with Psychedelia, even a dosage of drone. This unique combination creates an intense amount of ambience. It’s rock and roll that Satan himself would make. - Shawn Gibson (DoomedAndStoned.com)