Witch - Witch CD

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  1. Seer
  2. Soul of Fire
  3. Black Saint
  4. Changing
  5. Rip Van Winkle
  6. Hand of Glory
  7. Isadora

Release Date: March 7, 2006

Label: Tee Pee Records

Origin: USA

Now, I’m not a guitar player, and I’m not a producer, so I pretty much marvel at the fact that the guitar tone in Witch basically sounds like a bong rip. It sounds like reefer smells. It is the haziest, stoniest thing I’ve ever heard. High quality psychedelic riffs, soloing like a madman, groovy beats, and lyrics not clearly about anything in particular. This is the caliber of music you get when a band is lung deep in pot smoke about 85% of the time. The kind of music made by guys who are really, REALLY into collecting resin out of their bowls. This is music, if I can stop being a jackass with the weed jokes for like two seconds, is made by a band that really felt the music. This isn’t by-the-numbers bullshit. This wasn’t a paycheck. This album was really the music that Witch felt. And that alone deserves some pretty colossal props.

I gave this album an 81%, which is a product of my very scientific, highly accurate, and completely infallible rating system, but don’t let that fool you too much. Still, I’m pretty shocked that Witch has so few reviews. This is an album that should make pretty much every short list of “Underrated Stoner Albums You Never Knew You Needed in Your Stupid Buzzfeed-Article-Reading Life.” This is an incredibly enjoyable album. It isn’t without a few flaws in the lyric department, it’s a little light on the bass for my taste, and a few of the songs seem to lose their way halfway through (“Changing”). It isn't perfect, but it isn't trying to be a masterpiece. It's trying to be an incredibly solid, unique, and groovy stoner metal album. Mission accomplished. - Big_Robot_Monster (https://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Witch/Witch/132552/Big_Robot_Monster/380434)