Witchsorrow - Witchsorrow Vinyl LP (Purple/Grey)

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Special Features: Transparent purple and grey vinyl. Gatefold jacket.


Side A

  1. The Agony
  2. The Trial of Elizabeth Clarke
  3. Gomorrah
  4. Thou Art Cursed
  5. Impaler, Tepes

 Release Date: April 12, 2010

Label: Rise Above Records

Origin: UK

This record really should come with a health warning..

Oof! This record really should come with a health warning; such is the bone-crushing force behind Witchsorrow’s monstrously heavy doom. Unashamedly orthodox in approach, the three-piece tip their collective hat to the early works of Cathedral and Candlemass, with drawn-out Sabbath riffs and lyrics about medieval witch trials the order of the day. The tempo shifts up a gear on ‘Gomorrah’, its gruff vocals and pummelling central riff recalling a beat-up High On Fire, before the funeral-paced ‘Thou Art Cursed’ comes along to envelop the listener in a mournful twelve-minute embrace. Just abandon all hope and bang thy head… slowly. - Mike Kemp (https://www.rocksound.tv/reviews/read/witchsorrow-witchsorrow)