Nebula - To the Center

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Special Features/Formats: 

  • White, orange, red, black, purple splatter on translucent red vinyl (Limited Edition)
    • 400 copies
    • Gatefold jacket
  • CD


Side A

  1. To the Center
  2. Come Down
  3. Whatcha Lookin' For
  4. Clearlight
  5. Freedom

Side B

  1. Antigone
  2. I Need Somebody
  3. So Low
  4. Synthetic Dream
  5. Fields of Psilocybin
  6. Between Time
  7. You Mean Nothing
  8. So Low (Live) (Bonus Track)
  9. To the Center (Live) (Bonus Track)


Release Date: February 16, 2018

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Origin: Italy

Like most people, I discovered Nebula by listening to Fu Manchu. 3/4 of the lineup present on the Fu's debut album "No One Rides For Free" went on to form Nebula.

Like most people, when I picked up this album I was expecting pretty much a Fu Manchu clone with the same riffs, the same lyrics, the same Ted Nugent style vocals...etc. I was proven wrong immediately. The Album starts off with the title track, a huge, heavy as hell epic on space travel whcich sounds more like early Hawkwind than anything the Fu has ever done. I was hooked. 
The rest of the album, apart from the 7 minute long trip Freedom, has a Stooges-ish heavy garage rock sound. Their admiration for the Stooges is evident, as the band nicely covers "I need somebody" from their "Raw Power" album.
Vocalist and guitarist Eddie Glass had yet to develop his trademark vocal style, but sounds great all the same. The Guitar tone is fat, buried in fuzz and really heavy, great stuff. The ryhtm section is tight and, Nebula being essentialy a psychedelic rock band, you'll hear some great bass playing and furious drumming.

All in all, this is an excellent record and any stoner/doom/psych rock fan should have it in their collection.

- Architect