Players Club - Regenesis CD

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  1. The Drag
  2. Hero Snake
  3. Bought
  4. Face Plant
  5. Magic Skin
  6. Nail Bats
  7. Clean
  8. The Wrong
  9. Small Bugs
  10. Music For a Dying Man

Release Date: 2004

Label: Dead Teenager

Origin: USA

There's been a lot of press and proselytizing and gladhanding and ass-kissing over the past year or two about The Big Apple's supposedly sudden reemergence as the hot spot for hot rock. The big problem with all this hype a.k.a. BS is that few of the new wave of New York bands actually "ROCK" worth a pinch of blow. Enter Brooklyn's Players Club(formerly the "J.J. Paradise Players Club).

These are some grown ass men playing some hard ass rock. The band's powerful mix of Zeppelin-AC/DC anthem-itude and Jesus Lizard-Neurosis brute force occupies a singular place wherein melody never comes at the price of heaviness, heaviness never comes at the price of intelligence, and intelligence never compromises the near-physical impact of their music. They are a true rock band-as-street-gang in the sense of four brothers who live, laugh, drink, and play together, and hardened road dogs whose wit, charm, and pulverizing live show has helped build an ever-growing national fanbase.

Music scene veterans, the members of the Players Club were making their bones while the current glut of white belt boy bands where still swimming in their Daddy's penthouse swimming pools. Bassist/vocalist Dave Curran burnt up as many miles as brain cells as a member of seminal noise rock band Unsane. Guitarist and production guru Joel Hamilton spilled plasma and opened for Quiet Riot in the no less noisy Glazed Baby before sobering up long enough to play with esteemed indie rockers Shiner. Singer/guitarist Cooper and drummer/band namesake James J. Paradise came from the criminally-overlooked post-hardcore band The Kill Van Kull and also logged time in forgotten local legends like Kiss It Goodbye, Die 116, Hell No, and Go. -