Asthma Castle - Mount Crushmore Vinyl (Color)

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Special Features:

Bleed - 150 copies (Gold, White, and Black)

Black Splatter on Gold - 175 copies (Heavy Black Splatter on Gold)

White Splatter on Black - 175 copies (White Splatter on Black)

  • 180 gram vinyl
  • 24 pt. tip-on gatefold jacket with matte finish
  • Black polylined anti-static sleeve
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Side A

  1. The Incline of Western Civilization
  2. Mount Crushmore
  3. Here Come the Black Ship

Side B

  1. Methlehem
  2. Brazilian Catbox Incident
  3. The Book of Duderonomy

Release Date: March 15, 2019

Label: Hellmistress Records

Origin: USA

Asthma Castle are a stoner metal band built out of scene veterans and with a fuck you attitude that you gotta admire. Their over the top heaviness and hardcore inspired riffing makes this quasi-supergroup all the more memorable. This offering, Mount Crushmore, out on Hellmistress Records is chock to the brim with stoner jokes and punishing rhythms, it's an addictive listen and one that sticks its head out from a sea of bland stoner rockers.

There is a tendency in the world of stoner rock these days to lean more towards the rock side of things and this record is a perfect example of that. While Asthma Castle isn't without its more low key moments the record by and large seems to rely on a pummeling sense of drive. When the band does step back to rest in waves of distortion, it's a welcome respite and in some ways a deep breath before another plunge. It's hard as a fan not to be enamored with the brutal magic of what they continue to paint and the bleak unreality that this band brings to the table as they hit you with crushing blow after crushing blow.

I like how this record flirts with being over the top and the sheer brawniness of the riffage.  Sure some of the songs are too long, but that is something that will naturally correct itself over the course of time. Asthma Castle have unleashed something very exciting with this particular release and it makes me curious for where this bands endless cloud of marijuana smoke is going to take them next. There is a ton of potential here and a truly inspired drum performance by Adam Jarvis (Yes, that Adam Jarvis) so what more could you want? - Matt Bacon (